The Site:

At present, the Sens-Dep Experience is my personal blog. I touch on a bit of everything (the tag cloud should give you some clue) and, aside from a daily update schedule, not much is predictable about the blog. The main recurring theme thus far is my progress on a set of birthday (Jan. 15th) to birthday resolutions, which can be read about here. In the future, if readers and I agree on a topic that works especially well, then I may make the blog more focused, or else splinter off that part into a new blog. (FYI: Currently, the all-time most popular posts have been the craigslist worst series.) For now, however, I am content to use this like a journal, although out of awareness of the public nature of the medium, I have occasionally tempered my words to spare loved ones. Just, not very often.

The Name:

Sens-Dep is a shortening of the words Sensory Deprivation. In short, this is exactly what it sounds like, a process by which people have sensory stimulus removed. A more detailed description is available here. (I apologize for the wikipedia link, but the recent emphasis on sensory deprivation as CIA torture has apparently flooded the academic channels.) Choosing this for a name was somewhat haphazard. At the time I created the blog, I was arguing with Moi (see below) that I could stand a long period in such a tank, while she said I would (like she expected of herself) crack relatively quickly. I thought it sounded catchy and memorable, so I used it. Oh, and we haven’t had a chance to test our debate, either.


I’m a sophomore at the University of Connecticut and just switched to the fine arts program, where my concentration will almost certainly be photography. I like to try lots of things; I have been interested in photography and writing for a long time, but presently am also playing around with personal finance, gardening, wind and solar power, electronics, and for reasons that are beyond me, building a model boat from scratch. I also run my own website, City of Shalom, although it is currently in the process of being rebuilt.

The Primary Characters:

These are people you will probably hear about with some frequency, so you might as well know a bit about them.

  • Moi: No, I do not actually suffer split personalities, and I have taken enough French to know that moi means “me” in the language of love. No, Moi, here, was my girlfriend until recently. She signed her comments on the blog as “Moi” and the name stuck. We’re still friends, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see her popping up. She’s an architecture student at the Columbia University and an all around good person.
  • Mom: Being twenty, the fact is I still spend lots of time living and being at home, so as much as I occasionally feel like a kid mentioning her, she’s a big part of my life and a substantial intellectual opponent. I inherited the writing bug from her (except she’s been published) and she is currently striving to create a career for herself in that field.
  • Dad: Again, I’m not nearly that grown up. He’s a consultant in the health care billing industry and he’s very good at separating stupid people from their money. I kid, I kid. He’s a hardworking and generous guy.
  • My roommate: He’s, well, my roommate! So during the school year expect to hear about him a lot. Secretly, we’re also planing to take the web comic world by storm as soon as one of us learns to draw.

Well, that’s all the relevant stuff I can think of for now. If you have any questions feel free to contact me by responding to this post or by e-mailing me at zwussow (at) comcast (dot) net.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Moi Says:

    Columbia University dear. And you are a sophomore, not a junior. And of course they will still hear from me. I’m not going anywhere. *hug*

  2. Zack Says:

    Ah, you Ivy League people are confusing!

  3. Dane Says:


    I’d like to know if you’d be interested in having my company produce your Future of Tanning shirt shown on threadless.com.

    If this is something you’d be interested in learning more about, get back with me.


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