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February 2, 2008

I had this bizarre dream last night. I got into a bar fight with a couple guys, and I quite frankly sucked. I mean, it’s probably not possible in real life to be as pitiful as I was in my dream. It was really sad.

Today, I picked up my weights for the first time in over a week and worked out a little.

Coincidence? Or compensation?


Really? I Mean, Really?

January 29, 2008

I recently received a comment on one of my posts that has me asking a lot of questions. It’s doesn’t really matter which post, because my interest in the comment has nothing to do with what he was responding to. It read as follows:

As far as I know my blog is the only physician bluegrass fiction writer’s weblog on wordpress. It is doing well, and grows every month. My genre is modern medical bluegrass grit lit.

George Burns said the secret to his long life was that he had an act and it was George Burns. Mine is Tommy Bibey. I am true to myself, and only want to be what I am.

Dig way down deep inside, know how you are unique, become good at what you do, then write about it. Like yourself enough that you are not concerned if others show up or not, and it will work.

Dr. B

For the record, and because this does appear to be a real person, not spam as I originally thought, the post was On Proper Blogs.

Now then, I have to know…  Is “modern medical bluegrass grit lit” really a genre? Is it as awesome and wacky as it sounds? His blog offers no clues, so far, although I worry I’m about to lose a night.

Thanks, Dr. Bibey, for your advice, and keep on doing what you do.

Ridiculous Hypotheticals

December 7, 2007

The title sort of says it all. It’s a blog devoted to ridiculous hypothetical situations. Some are pretty tricky, others seem really obvious. I’ll let you decide.


December 5, 2007

So I was thinking last night, walking home from the Student Union, that quite little can buoy the spirits like a good, hot meal and good conversation.

I know, pretty random, but it seems true, right?

Now, enjoy this piece about not-so-good meals.

(Or, if you are of the Anime persuasion, you might find this video even funnier.)

(Also, if you liked the Naruto version, here is another great one. Apparently, this is common? Anime covers of comedians by fans?)


November 29, 2007

Yet another reason for me to consider becoming a Christian.

Bad. Ass. Popes.

Ha Ha Ha

November 29, 2007

This is truly one of the great questions of our day.

This Is Perfect

November 28, 2007

I suddenly have a new respect for the bible, all thanks to the good people at Cracked.


November 17, 2007

Instead of the thoughtful piece on socialized medicine I should be writing, you get this. Enjoy, and remember, laughter is not only the best medicine, but also completely free, even in America!

Future Expenses

November 5, 2007

As nice as it is to foresee major expenses before they show up, it can be a pain too. True, you can save up for them, hit the sales, etc. However, it also means you have to sit and know you already owe someone money.

In my case, the upcoming expense is clothes, and I’ll probably have to go shopping next weekend. The unfortunate thing, to my (I know) somewhat backwards way of thinking, is that of the $80-$100 I will probably have to spend, $60 of it is for garments no one but me ever sees. Well, such is life. A new pair of jeans will do me good, anyway.

Hmm, now the question, who to go shopping with? Wow, hadn’t realized that since Moi and I broke up… Well, I’ll sort it out.

By the way, and apropos of nothing, I apparently pulled off my pillowcase last night as I slept. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was, “Why is my pillow different?” and my second was, “Where is my pillow case!?” I found it, but I still don’t know why.


September 28, 2007

The stupidest fortune cookie ever, which I received tonight.

Are your legs tired?
You’ve been running through my mind all day long.

Yes, I’m serious.