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February 14, 2008

So far so good I suppose, huh? Step Lightly received about 9 visitors the first day, 18 the second, and yesterday we topped 37. I think part of it is the tags (wordpress provides a link to the newest posts on it’s service when other bloggers log on, but things tagged with major subjects [ie. morality, government, happiness] get more time and attention), but hopefully it’s just a sign of the good that taking this job more seriously (like, omg, editing, and, like, not using like or omg) can do.

Ha ha, sorry, just in a pretty good mood today.




February 11, 2008

Step Lightly, yall.

Signs and Portents

February 10, 2008

A bad omen tonight; howling winds and a sickly purple sky. Not sure what that means, but it makes walking difficult.

However, good signs as well! I just finished reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. One of the rules he suggests for healthy eating is to avoid anything with an ingredients list over five items in length.Which seems like just about everything. But wouldn’t you know it? I went to the store tonight and found a version of mini-wheats (one of my favorite cerials) from Kashi that looks good and has, you guessed it, exactly five ingredients.

Since that makes me pretty happy, I’ll take it as a good omen for my blog’s launch tomorrow.

Hells Yes

February 9, 2008


It’s good to know the system still works.

Preparing For Step Lightly

February 3, 2008

One week and a day from now is the scheduled launch of my new blog. I’m really excited. I already have something like 13 posts in various stages of completion, which is almost three weeks of material. That’s exactly what I was hoping for: to generate a buffer substantial enough to prevent me from missing updates.

Will you all love the content? Hell if I know! But I hope you will. So please come by and visit then!

Step Lightly – February 11th!


January 28, 2008

So, I decided on a topic for a new blog, and even went ahead and registered the domain here at wordpress (you can see my lovely placeholder at No sooner was that done then I began to worry about it. Here’s my problem: Part of the reason I want to start the new blog is to design it to be a popular and financial success. However, wordpress does not currently support advertising (otherwise, it would probably be here already ^^).

So my options are to move to, where I can have advertising, or keep it here and hope that, by the time I have enough readers to make a difference, they will have added advertising capability to the site. Thoughts?

On Proper Blogs

January 26, 2008

This blog is doomed to a certain level of obscurity. Now, now, I’m not trying to be all whiny (done that plenty enough lately), I’m just stating a cold hard fact of blogging.

Personal or journal blogs do not compete with themed blogs.

The evidence abounds. JD, author of Get Rich Slowly and now Get Fit Slowly, also maintains a personal blog called Folded Space. The former has just passed five million hits (Congrats JD!), while the later… Well, I doubt there’s competition. Boing Boing, Make, No Impact Man, every blog I read is about something.

It’s not a complicated equation to figure out, really. No matter how interesting you may usually be, odds are a journal will just be too random to routinely interest the same people. A themed site will appeal to a smaller range of people, perhaps, but it will grab them more strongly, and the blogging business is all about repeat customers. It doesn’t mean that a journal blog like this one is a bad thing, just that you have to measure success by a different standard.
I’m laying all of this out because I have been thinking lately that perhaps I should start a second (well, third) blog with a proper theme. I love writing here, and wouldn’t plan on stopping. However, I admit that I would like a blog which could be financially successful, and this isn’t it. This is for fun, I’m looking for a writing job.

So the question to answer is, what theme? I couldn’t do financial, despite my interest in it; I’m just not that mathematically inclined, and besides, I think everyone would be better off if I directed them to JD’s blog. I’ve been writing a lot lately about college a purpose, which certainly is a topic with lots to be said about it, although it worries me that in about three years I will no longer be all that qualified to talk about it. That being said, a little cluelessness on my part could only help the diversity of ideas on the blog. Something along the lines of  gardening, local eating, etc. could work as well in terms of my interest for it, but I feel uncertain about it for some reason.

So what does everyone think? This is about serving the readers what they want, and that is YOU. So please, give me your ideas and input!

Personal Victories

January 20, 2008

I wanted to take a minute to congratulate my mom, who I’ve been really impressed by lately. if ever you need proof that it’s possible to get a hold on personal finances, here it is. For about a year she has been making an effort to be more money conscious, tracking her bills more closely and avoiding temptations to splurge on herself. Instead, she’s been saving.

Today, we went to find a new car for her. The old one has been on it’s last legs for a long time. At the dealership, we found a good car and got a good price for the trade in only to find that the projected monthly payment was going to be way too high. Luckily, she’s been saving all year, just in case. She was able to put down a large down payment and drop the car payments into the range she was expecting, and we drove home in a new, reliable car. The best news is, she’s been working so hard on her buffer that even after the down payment she has something like three months’ salary in savings.

I want to wish her the best of luck in her continued work, and to enjoy the new car!

Hello Again!

November 25, 2007

At long last I return. Sorry to say there hasn’t been any specific reason why I’ve been absentee lately except that I’ve been trying the paper journal idea. So far I like it pretty well. The response has been interesting, but that is a post for another day.

Will I continue this blog? Probably, in some form. Honestly, if my experiences so far as trustworthy, then this blog should switch to humor. Completely irrelevant and silly posts like Craigslist’s Worst have far, far out performed any other posts I’ve ever written. Honestly, we’re talking about an order of magnitude better. I’m not sure I’m interested in that, though, especially when WordPress isn’t equipped to allow any sort of advertising.

I’m not sure there are any big subjects I’d enjoy focusing on. I may be making an effort to spend less time online soon, as well, which would obviously impact my blogging.

I appreciate everyone who has kept an eye on me recently hoping for news and hopefully I will provide you with some good news soon!

Doubts About Sensdep

November 15, 2007

Lately, and especially today, I’ve been having doubts about keeping a blog. I’ve been weighing the benefits against the benefits of switching to a diary of some sort. If any of my fans  (small group, mostly friends/family) feels like contributing to the debate, I welcome your thoughts.

For me, there have always been two big advantages to this blog. The first is that the perception of an audience gets me to write. Even if there’s no one really reading, I feel obligated to in a way I don’t when it is only for myself. Also, I like the idea that this could, possibly, be a way for me to get my name out there.

Unfortunately, I’ve alway also known that this blog has little in the way of commercial potential. The topics I cover are too scattered and I, hard as it may be to admit (ha ha), have no other reputation to draw people in.

It also bothers me, to some degree, that I don’t always say what I mean to say because of the people who read this. I wouldn’t have the same worry if I wrote in a private journal.

Writing personally has the advantage, as well, of encouraging me to spin “posts” into essay and try to have them published. This is a lot more time intensive to begin with but, if I’m successful, will reach a much wider audience. It’s been seeming like a much more sensible arrangement lately.

Sorry, this seems a little disjointed. The basic breakdown is as follows.


  • Immediate release to a potentially large audience.
  • Forces me to write every day.
  • Serves as an easy way to tell lots of people close to me about big events.
  • I have invested a lot of time in it already.


  • Private, no need to self censure.
  • More personal.
  • Physical, not likely to disappear in a server fire or something similar.
  • Can be used later to write essays, memoirs,what have you, which can be submitted for publication.
  • Can record art related ideas for later projects, etc.
  • A challenge to myself to keep the habit.

So there you have it. What would my diary entries look like? I suspect something pretty concise most of the time. Below might be an example from today.

Busy day, but not as bad as yesterday. Rainy, cleared late. Lots of that nervous energy tonight, but nothing to do! Looking forward to the break. Have to do something adventurous.

I’ll let everyone know which way I decide to go.